, Chele Müller

Damen 1 first Week

Kurzbericht der ersten Saison Woche des Damen 1


D1 week 1....2:1

3 games in one week to start off the 2021/22 season.

We started the week with 4 injured players and most of the team unable to practice. But even though game 1 (vs Gym Liestal) was rough and the result disappointing, we were able to make some good points and got some feedback at everything we need to still work on.

Game 2 was played with a drastically reduced team and our Libera as our setter and it was fantastic effort on everyone's part.
The first set was a marathon 30-28, which let our opponent know (Glai Basel) that we were not going down without a fight. The victory was ours.

Game 3 a very tired D1 team showed up against the talent team of RTZ Basel, and we demonstrated to those youngsters how a seasoned and experienced team comes together to defeat their challenger with finesse. After a quick 3:0 we celebrated some great volleyball, a successful weekend and are optimistic about the rest of the season.

Great job ladies!